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why? MayPlaylist

Well hey.

I know it’s a bit too late tapi yaudah ini masih may kan hehehe.

Dari kemarin kemarin ingin menulis tetapi aku semacam kehilangan gairah untuk menulis, lebih tepatnya bingung apa yang mau ditulis.

So, this is my playlist kenapa judulnya why? Karena mengapa. 

He. He.
Alex Turner // stuck on the puzzle

“and I spend all night, stuck on the puzzle”
Aurora // I when too far

“waiting for your love, waiting for our eyes to meet”
Aurora // Runaway

“and for a momet I thought you were here but then again, it wasn’t true”
Aurora // Winter bird

“all I need is to remember how it was to feel alive”
Cashmere cat // Quit (feat. Ariana Grande)

“they say “you crazy just leave him, he’ll suffocate you” but I wanna be in your arms”
Death cab for cutie // I’ll follow you into the dark

“cause we’ll hold each other soon in the blackest of rooms”
Bring me the horizon // Drown

“I got a hole in my soul growing deeper and deeper”
Depapepe // kitto mata itsuka

I love this.
Efek rumah kaca // Lagu kesepian

“dimana terang yang kau janjikan? Aku kesepian”
Finding hope // Tell me

“tell me not to love so religiously, tell me how to keep away from your reach”
Frank ocean // Thinking about you

“my eyes don’t shed tears, but boy they pour when I’m thinking about you”
Yaudah segitu aja yaa.

Enjoy the new music 🙂